Magento UI/UX visionary – with an eye to monetizing your own tech/IP?

We are looking a freelance individual to join our small team promoting our luxury fashion offer

You would be working with our two developers, creative director and content writer to attract relevant traffic to out Magento site

We are a well established small luxury fashion firm (bricks and clicks) employing 18.

The dual cores in this role

a) drive the website forward in revenue and profit

b) Provide feedback to the team on potential CRO and UX enhancement opportunities


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The Core

Ultimately your track record will will say if you can do the job.

Not much really to say, as the numbers talk for themselves.

Just one site

One brand, one site to craft to excellence! That’s what this role is about.

There’s no existing developer hierarchy or marketing politics.

You’ll be working with the founders.

To perfect your SEO, you’ll have access to customers and our customer services.

Home Working

It’s a home working job.

The only rule for “time/place” is that you can always be reached, be it on a beach, up a mountain or at your desk.

What’s the site and who are Beige?

Beige is niche retailer of luxury fashion product in large sizes.

Our clients are high net worth ladies. We have a couple of bricks stores and website.

We’ve been in business since 2002. We are not dependent on external investors, at least not yet 🙂

Checkout www.beigeplus.com.


This is really just a repeat of what we’ve already said…

I could give you yards of skill-set technical requirements…boring. Ultimately your track record will will say if you can do the job.

Essential that you are easy going and easy to work with !


Compensation options

Its freelance…you tell us what you you’ve been charging…or if yours is a start-up, what you plan to charge!

We anticipate you would be working a few days per month and your rate would be a daily rate (pro-rata £40K to £65K)

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