Job Description

Graphic Designer Job Duties

The main responsibilities of most people with the graphic designer job description are as follows:

  • Gathering and studying the necessary materials and information.
  • Planning concepts and designing rough layouts and concept art.
  • Illustrating concept art.
  • Periodically submitting in-progress images for approval and requesting and receiving feedback.
  • Operating printing, typesetting, and other similar equipment.
  • Marking and preparing finished art and copy.
  • Preparing the final project layout.
  • Maintaining a level of technical knowledge and ensuring the continuous functioning of equipment.
  • Completing each piece of relevant equipment’s maintenance requirements.
  • Performing the occasional inventory and handling equipment malfunctions.
  • Coordinating with other agencies and businesses.
  • Getting involved with design workshops and professional societies and publications.


• 2+ Years in Graphic Design
• Strong knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite – primarily InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop & XD
• Excellent knowledge of print and web design
• Strong understanding of typography and layout
• Working knowledge of mechanical/production skills
• Precise trimming, mounting and comping skills
• High degree of proficiency with Microsoft Office software (Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint)
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent level of experience is a plus.
• Able to work on multiple projects at once
• Creative work for printed & digital catalogs
• Must be a creative individual, able to pitch design ideas etc..

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