We are looking to hire a frontend designer who is an expert at UI and UX.

Specifically, we are looking for a frontend designer to develop a site providing crypto prices like www.coinmarketcap.com or www.worldcoinindex.com.

We don’t like the design of the existing sites. We don’t believe they meet the needs of the end users either. (If you are into crypto most likely when you go to coinmarketcap or other website, you want to know the price of a coin, and couldn’t care less about the marketcap or the 24 hour volume, at least not on a regular basis.)

We want it to be much more simple, minimalistic, and beautiful. Perhaps something like this: https://www.screencast.com/t/Ta0FRHXxNvJ

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Our approach is a three step process:

First, create a site that tracks all coins from over 90 exchanges in real time. This is real time price tracking on over 3,000 coins and 40,000 markets. A current idea/mock up is this:

Second, create the world’s first crypto indices. Effectively becoming the cited benchmark or index, similar to the S&P 500 or the Dow, but for crypto. Because of how we are setting up our backend with live data processing, we will be able to create a few indices that track the return of the crypto market, broken down into total market index, large/medium/small cap. And this will all be processed in real time. So people can gauge entire crypto market in real time.

Third, once the indices have established themselves in the market, then we will launch the index coins. This is a placeholder for the website right now: www.coined.com

We don’t need to take over CoinMarketCap. There are five other sites that do similar things to CoinMarketCap, and they all get over 1 million pageviews / month (per Alexa).

Step one of the process, namely building the site, serves a two-fold purpose. First, it is to build the community for the launch of the index coins. Second, you can’t have an index coin without an index, and you can’t have an index with data behind that index.

We will process the data of over 250 million trades every day. That’s 3,000+ trades every second. Every single trade changes the average price of a coin. As the average price of a coin changes with every trade, the indices also change and update in real-time. Not even the S&P 500 updates like this. It is a beautiful proposition and we want a website to match that beauty and elegance. Hence, we want an expert UI and UX designer.

How to Apply

To apply, please email thomasalvord (at) gmail.com with:

  1. Your resume
  2. Portfolio
  3. Why you are interested in this position.
  4. Your availability
  5. Your rate

(Please note that pay is DOE.)


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