Job Description:

I currently have a website that was built on the “sahaifa theme”.

Im looking to get rid of this theme and use Studiopress and re build the look and feel of the website. We are moving to a more professional business look. The site will need ongoing updates and fixes to grow the website. We will need a front end and a blog attached.

Communication is VERY important to me. If we dont have open communication this project will not be able to grow. Clean code is very important as well. Please look into Studiopress and the Genesis framework as that is what we will be using.

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About Door To Door Mastery:

Door to Door Mastery is a resource for door-to-door sales reps worldwide in home security, solar, pest control, insurance, energy, HVAC, roofing, and much more. Through blog posts, podcasts, videos, a free video course, and a paid video course, Paul Shakuri teaches the mindset, skills, and sales techniques, and goal setting required to succeed as a door-to-door sales rep.

Paul Shakuri started in door-to-door sales as a summer college job. After experiencing the hardships of the trade, instead of quitting, he pushed through and learned how to sell, eventually earning multiple six-figures and growing a door-to-door sales company from 3 to 300 reps by motivating and training in multiple states.

He wants to teach you how to turn door-to-door sales into a fun and highly lucrative job rather than a soul crushing waste of time that pays you poorly. Join Paul as he coaches and trains companies and sales reps worldwide.


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