Job Description
Develops and maintains the company brand. Makes sure that all related parties are pulling visually in the same direction. Implements graphics for blog and websites. Works out the visual design of marketing materials.

Do you have what it takes?

  • Marketing Materials: Everyday design-craft for various uses, in particular illustrations for our blog posts, social media channels, promotional banners, wallpapers, flyers, brochures, data sheets, screenshots, etc. Work includes coordination with translators to deliver work pieces in multiple languages.
  • Visual Identity: Being in an underdog situation in the industry, it is very important to establish a clear design language that makes the company easily recognizable. The existing design guidelines should be used as a base and further refined on the long run. The role of the designer is to make sure the corporate design is well implemented in all areas of the company from websites to marketing materials.
  • Website: As a dotcom company our website is one of the main assets of the marketing team. It should do its job, in particular sell the software and provide easy access to information for new and existing customers. Individual website areas as well as the overall layout will need to be refreshed in regular intervals. The designer’s job is to create drafts and final designs that will be implemented by the webmaster.



The graphic designer role is suitable to someone with extensive experience in web- and graphic-design. The person should be keen on staying up-to-date with the latest design developments and trends.
Being used to multi-dimensional thinking, i.e. how responsive websites are displayed on different devices and screen resolutions, is a big advantage.
A strong sense for marketing, how messages are best illustrated and supported by graphics, is a core requirement. Including the ability to quickly switch roles to impersonate our customers.

Key skills

  • Team player
  • Happy to work independently
  • Self motivated
  • Strong team communication skills
  • Experience with deadlines
  • Expert with common graphic utilities: Photoshop/Illustrator, wire framing tools, etc.
  • You should be a Windows user to understand what we’re doing.

What we offer

  • Great work life balance that comes with remote working. No traveling required.
  • Long term, 10-20h/week part-time career opportunity, working in an interesting field as part of a growing multi-cultural company.
  • Semi-flexible work hours providing the short daily meetings are covered.
  • Your job will be completely location independent, assuming you have access to a reasonably fast and stable Internet connection.
  • Opportunity to grow and make a difference in a widely respected antivirus company.
  • Competitive salary.

How to Apply?

If you are ready to do the most important work of your life and help eradicate the malware threat once and for all, please apply now. Please send your CV and, if available, code examples of your previous work to jobs@emsisoft.com and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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