Exygy is looking for a candidate with deep expertise in web development, especially with WordPress. The ideal candidate will have several years of experience building and maintaining websites, managing other developers and working in a client-facing role. You’ll be expected to deliver brilliant experiences for our clients and users, while delivering on Exygy’s reputation for outstanding quality.

As a WordPress engineer, you’ll partner with our existing WordPress engineers to:

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Support our clients’ long-term success
– by building new features requested by clients
– by building new websites, managing redesigns and site migrations
– by maintaining clients’ existing websites
– by guiding our clients toward efficient solutions to their business objectives

Support the growth of Exygy’s support business
– by building long-term relationships with clients
– by ensuring client happiness
– by creating sustainable business processes and practices
– by meeting with potential clients
– by conceptualizing new ways to gain clients

In addition, the candidate will be a strategic thinker with the ability to identify and communicate opportunities to expand our work with existing partners.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead WordPress engineering including PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS/Sass, and JavaScript coding.
  • Lead website optimization, security updates, and deployments
  • Provide clients with technical guidance and translate their needs into a product backlog and roadmap
  • Ensure client happiness, leading to long-term client relationships


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Required Skills

  • Ability to be a strong, self guided CMS Engineer: You are an experienced engineer who focuses on CMS development. You know how to write secure, efficient code for today’s evolving CMS landscape.
  • Strong Project Management Experience: You’re comfortable leading conversations with clients, sorting out all the project requirements, estimating how long the project will take and cost, and managing the project to a successful launch.
  • Ability to work autonomously on multiple projects: You can manage your time on our own and deliver great work on multiple projects at a time. You make sure projects are delivered on time and on budget.
  • Know your tools and best practices: You’re proficient in using git for version control, and have experience with WordPress, PHP and JavaScript. You have a superior command of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You’re a champion of best practices in semantic and accessible web standards including responsive website design.
  • Ability to learn quickly and troubleshoot: You can quickly jump into a project built by someone else, find the source of a bug and fix it.
  • Have an eagle eye for detail: You test your own and others’ work fastidiously. You find every typo, style flaw or functionality error.

Candiate Profile

  • Have exceptionally strong collaboration abilities, along with a flexible and friendly approach to working with teams; mindful, proactive, shares ideas, and are a good listener.
  • Balance a JFDI attitude with “working smarter, not harder.” This means you can put your head down and knock things out, when needed. You also manage your time wisely, multi-task, project plan, context-switch, and keep your team up-to-date.
  • Are committed to learning and growth. You actively look for constructive feedback in order to improve and develop, and provide the same for others. You seek to develop your skills and knowledge with peers.
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset. You love to experiment, and then to share what you’ve learned. You love to grow businesses, and you are constantly looking for ways to help others succeed.


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