I got directed to this website after doing some research and here I am. Hopefully to get some real help. I’ve paid over $4000 so far to have a website built for me that’s supposed to be %100 responsive; first off no offense to any of you that actually know what you’re doing or to those of you who are growing but I’ve hired two “professionals” to build this site and each time they tell me it’s %100 responsive, I go check and what do I find? An unresponsive website on my iPhone 6 safari browser… I clear my cache each time I check, I’ve turned off and rebooted my phone and cleared cache again just to be sure and the problem persists.

I’ve called apple just to be sure it wasn’t something with my iPhone and browser and sure enough, after some digging, they point me to the mobile coding of the website; somewhere there’s something wrong in the coding. Also, from my own research, everything I read all said the same thing, there’s an issue somewhere in the mobile coding of my Website and apparently both professionals I’ve hired so far don’t know what it is?

The website is built and seems to work fine on desktop and on most Samsungs. Is there anyone out there that can actually fix this issue? The website was built with the Native theme from Themeforest, bought on Envato and comes with “auto responsive” design, but obviously, it’s not working.

I’ve used my Hotmail address because apparently, I will get an overwhelming amount of emails, therefore I do not want that hitting my business email. Please, only serious inquiries. Questions to ask your self first: Am I absolutely sure I can fix it? Can I fix it within 2 days?

Thank you for your time!


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