Announcing the development of a new multi-genre, multimedia publishing platform and media brand that fuses program, process, and product to:

  • Feature the work of emerging young artists front and center, fueled by a sophisticated database that will draw in the user in specific and unexpected ways while breaking down the artificial barrier between print and digital, creative and critical, and all of the other labels we rely on
  • Engage the user in the experience of creating art through live workshops, salons, and events, as well as access to the raw curriculum
  • Showcase the relationships (both mentors and the larger community) behind the art, dispelling the myth of writing as a solitary act
  • Be fully integrated with the curriculum—youth learn not just the skills of writing and art-making but the adjacent skills necessary to get work out into the world—editing, design, curation, marketing, branding, and more. As a result, the Girls Write Now platform will be a thoroughly youth-driven site inside and out. The girls’ portfolios will be integrated seamlessly into site architecture, showcasing mentees’ own individual stories and collectively representing the story of their generation.
  • Directly demonstrate the connection between art and industry by not only building and utilizing marketable skills but by facilitating networking with the companies that hire for these skills. The site becomes a hub and marketplace for artists and industries to meet, a direct pipeline to diversify companies badly in need of new talent and points of view.


Girls Write Now is seeking a WordPress Website Developer/Designer to lead the production of a multi-genre, multimedia publishing platform. This site will feature the work of emerging young artists front and center, fueled by a complex database.

The WordPress Website Developer/Designer will build the front- and back-end of this online platform, working in close collaboration with the Girls Write Now Staff Team, and the mentor and mentee community.

In addition to extensive experience in WordPress web design and development, the ideal candidate will be flexible, adaptable, collaborative, and excited to be on the cutting edge of modern storytelling. Candidates must be open to feedback, interested in being challenged, and eager to think outside of the box.

For the foreseeable future, this will be a remote position, with the addition of in-person meetings once safe to do so. This position is projected to extend from Fall 2020 through January 2022, with the possibility for further continuation. Over the course of the project, some months will be more intensive than others.

This is a part-time, independent contractor position. The project rate will be commensurate with candidate experience.


  1. September 2020: An online showcase featuring digital pieces created by the Class of 2020. Staff and/or mentees will assist in migrating content onto the site.
  2. October 2020: Launch of a publishing infrastructure for the mentee Class of 2021 and alums from the Class of 2020 to directly upload their writing and multimedia work to the website. Advise on a technical protocol to engage mentees/ interns in the archival process of backfilling the site/ database with writing and multimedia work by alums. This will build upon the site created for the Class of 2020’s work
  3. January 2021: Launch a new public site (beta), integrated with the existing Girls Write Now organizational website. Key pages and tools will be migrated over from the old website.
  4. June 2021: Incorporated curriculum and programs (workshops, salons, presentations, etc.) from the 2020-2021 program year into the site.
  5. January 2022: Launch of the new organizational website, fully integrated with the publishing platform.


  • Significant experience in WordPress web design and web development, as demonstrated through a strong portfolio of completed projects showing front- and back-end skill
  • Past experience working on projects involving similar site architecture as in this project (e.g. connecting an organizational website to a publishing platform)
  • Knowledge of best practices for web design and thoughtful consideration towards sustainable web development decisions that will allow the site to grow and evolve over time
  • Comfortable writing clean, well-documented custom code to design the unique features of this site
  • Strong, innovative design sense and ability to incorporate Girls Write Now styles and branding into visual templates that elevate, but do not overshadow, the mentees’ original content
  • Enthusiasm to work collaboratively, iteratively, and efficiently in a team setting, including engagement with youth, and changing course as needed


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