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Hi! We appreciate you reading our job post. Jackrabbit Mobile is an Austin-based technology consultancy and software development firm founded in 2012. We partner with our clients to accelerate product-to-market solutions by leveraging our product, user experience, and software expertise.

Location: We are a fully remote team but ask that you be within 1-2 timezones from Central Standard Time where the majority of our team is located.

Engagement: We are looking for a UX/UI Designer to join our team as a contractor.

Start date: Looking to fill role as soon as possible.

Opportunity: Jackrabbit Mobile is looking for an awesome Product Designer who is highly adept in user experience, product, and visual design. The ideal candidate is excited to work with our existing team to build out a highly skilled and thoughtful work for upcoming projects. We work building apps and websites for a wide range of industries from healthcare to education to accounting which can create some interesting and exciting design challenges and opportunities.

Compensation: Hourly rate dependent on experience.


*UX/UI product design.
*Conduct user testing and research.
*Assume responsibility for design outcomes and goal accomplishment.
*Communicate and manage project process and timeline with the development team, project managers, and clients.
*Facilitate group ideation and sketching workshops.
*Participate in the agile process.WHAT WE EXPECT OF OUR UX/UI TEAM:

*Ego-less, curious, and communicative. You ask questions, and articulate feedback to help your teammates become stronger designers, and clients to better understand design decisions. You receive feedback well and can iterate on your ideas, designs, and leadership approach within a team.
*Problem solver. You love to collaborate, pitch, and define design rationale to clients and team members. You can articulate the ‘why’ and lead discussions around your process, explorations, and conclusions.
*Advocate for design. You’re not afraid to speak up and share your reasoning, or explore ideas in the company that may help improve the design process.MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS

*Professional experience bringing digital products to life ie UX/UI design
*A solid portfolio that can speak to both your UX and visual design skills.
*Experience working with a team of hybrid UI, UX, and visual designers in a fast-paced environment (and you’re excited to do it again!)
*Familiarity with usability heuristics, relevant HCI literature, and best practice user experience.
*Ability to translate stakeholder goals, user research, and complex user flows into clean, usable UIs.
*A solid and up to date understanding of best practices, developments, and trends in web, mobile, iOS, and Material design.
*Strong knowledge of UX principles and best practices, including understanding when and where user testing and research should be incorporated into the product design process.
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