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About The Company

Jibble Group is a fast-growing startup in the Payroll and Workforce Management space that fully embraces remote work. We created PayrollPanda.my and Jibble.io, founded in 2016 and 2017, respectively. PayrollPanda is Malaysia’s leading cloud payroll software, and Jibble is a time and attendance app available worldwide. We’re working to unify both products within a single platform.

We recently raised US$2.5m at a $33m valuation, ARR (annual recurring revenue) is growing by over 300% p/a as we close in on becoming the leading HR SaaS company in South-East Asia.


Our Mission, Vision and Values:

By making the complex easy, Jibble Group is helping businesses save time and money, and unleash their human potential.

Millions of businesses powered and empowered by our software.

We want to build something amazing.
We are innovators, not emulators.
Whatever we do, we do it damn well.
It doesn’t matter where or when we work as long as we deliver.
We challenge conventions, we challenge each other.
Gaining one customer that loves us is better than gaining ten that don’t.

About The Position

We’re looking for a highly experienced back-end developer to work on Jibble Groups’ HR cloud products. It’s an exciting opportunity for an experienced developer who is looking for a new challenge with a fast-growing startup targeting the fastest-growing region in the world – South-East Asia. The position offers a highly competitive salary and equity.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Improving existing features of the product and work on new features as we continue to scale and strive for product-market fit.
  • Ensuring code quality and standards while meeting deadlines and delivering targets set by the product team.
  • Working closely with the product manager in preparing and approving the scope of work for development teams.

Job Requirements

  • 5+ years of commercial development experience
  • 5+ years of JavaScript experience
  • Familiar with Typescript
  • 3+ years with a tech stack that includes NodeJS and PostgreSQL
  • Agile (Kanban) software development experience
  • Experience working in remote teams is an added advantage.
  • We are looking for someone who is located within the UTC – UTC+8 timezones.


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