Job Description
A leading software company is looking for a UI/UX Designer. The candidate will be responsible for working directly with program managers and software engineers to develop wire frames flows for product offering, story board sketches and asset generation.Responsibilities:

A UI/UX designer will create following categories of deliverable for the team:
  • Wire frame flows to assign Program Managers and other software designers and engineers in developing optimal experience flow through our product offerings.
  • In addition to strict wire frames, the category also includes storyboards and sketches to provide aid in conveying concepts in experience flow.
  • Prototype graphics and production artwork serve as functional examples of a given screen.
  • Create a “code to” template for engineers and a sign-off production bar.
  • As-needed asset generation for the team,  both native (screen grabs) and enhanced (for presentation and print) assets derived from the UI/UX that the team is building.

Required Qualifications:

  •  At least 5-7 years of experience including experience with information architecture, interaction design, user research, and usability testing is required.
  • A minimum of a BA/BS degree in Interface Design, Interaction Design, Communication Design, Architecture or equivalent experience is required.
  • Expertise creating a variety of interaction design documents including user scenarios, task flows, conceptual models, and annotated wire frames.
  • Experience shipping innovative and complex software products within milestone deadlines.
How to Apply: Please email your resume to MAQ Consulting at msjobs@maqconsulting.com with the subject of “UI/UX Designer”.


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