United States ONLY. We will not acknowledge any submissions from outside the United States. If you’re not from the United States and you apply you do so at the risk of bad karma.

Hello! Polymer Digital is a small and effective Chicago based web design studio that exists to help business owners market their companies. With a no bullshit approach to process and a tight knit team of creative craftsmen we are able to identify and solve issues that are preventing our customers from growing.

We’re looking for an experienced WordPress developer to join us on a contract basis to help clients manage the websites we build for them. If that’s something you’re good at then please read on.

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Working with Us

As a firm that tries to be different from the run of the mill web design agency we try to be super accommodating when it comes to working with us. We’re a team of distributed contractors – no full time employees. It doesn’t really matter what hours you work as long as the work is getting done on time. The only time we might need you at a specific time is for a few calls during the duration of a project. Calls are of course scheduled in advance. We use Basecamp to keep things straight and Slack to send GIFs.

We do fixed rate for our projects and payment is based on your hourly rate ($50-75 depending on experience) multiplied by an hour estimate for the work. Typically we pay 50% up front and 50% when the job is complete. We try to be as progressive as possible and are always open for ideas on improving.

About You

It’s our belief that a team should be empowered so we’re really looking for interesting and unique people that can contribute to our business. At a high level we need someone who loves integrating websites into WordPress. Someone who is a great communicator, available and reliable. We also have a strict no assholes policy. Beyond that we aren’t too picky so long as you’re located in the United States.

Skills We Covet

  • Experience integrating web pages into WordPress. Typically we’ll have a frontend developer hand you finished web pages. Your responsibilities would then be to make it all editable within WordPress (using a lot of Advanced Custom Fields) and hook up any features (ie: a blog or AJAX filtering)
  • We’re looking for someone with deep WordPress knowledge beyond just customizing a theme. Our websites make use of a lot of custom post types, taxonomies, and other fun WordPress features. We love pushing the possibilities with WordPress!
  • Experience with the Twig templating language
  • Advanced PHP knowledge is good to have. Our websites can have some heavy logic
  • Advanced JavaScript knowledge doesn’t hurt either. It’s always a nice touch to be able to do things on the frontend when it comes to filtering or other interactions on the website
  • Woocommerce knowledge for our customers that like to sell things
  • You’ve been around the block with API integrations. Some of our customers utilize 3rd party services to pull in data that we then need to work with
  • Some user experience chops are nice to have too. We pride ourselves on how easy we can make WordPress for our customers to use

How to Apply

If you’re interested in working with us please contact us! First, make sure you’re from the United States. Then knock our socks off. We aren’t much for the ol’ resume and cover letter song and dance. Convince us that you’re good at what you do and fun to work with. If you can do that then there’s a very good chance we’ll be eager to talk with you.

To get started please fill out this Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/cqDZkilxfSIsp0EY2

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