PRI is a close-knit team of smart, creative professionals. We love what we do, and we love to write about it. We’re looking for candidates who understand that development is about more than strong PHP and Drupal skills, but creativity and attention to detail. We involve our developers in all aspects of our projects – therefore we’re looking for self-starters and passionate thinkers who can provide valuable ideas upfront and ensure that design concepts can be implemented effectively.

Who are we? We’re a well-respected digital agency based out of New Jersey. Known for our deep strategic thinking, we create comprehensive web experiences than span across channels (web, mobile and social). Innovation is at the core of our colleague relationships and client work – not just for the sake innovation, but to elevate the end users’ experiences and exceed our clients’ unique goals.

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Are you a developer who…

While we value your back-end development skills, your ability to thrive in our environment is equally as important. That said, we’re looking for a candidate with the following characteristics:

  • Someone who enjoys collaborating, growing and pushing the boundaries of development; this person knows that there is always a better way to develop
  • A highly motivated self-starter, eager to adopt new technologies and apply creative thinking to technology-related challenges
  • A well-organized team-player who thrives when juggling multiple projects and aggressive deadlines
  • An excellent communicator with a sense of humor
  • A digital detective with the ability to catch problems before they occur

Your experience and expertise…

We don’t care as much about years of experience as we do your talent and passion. But here is the type background you should have:

  • Experience with PHP and WordPress, including an understanding of core WordPress functions, custom post types, custom themes/plugins, and integration best practices
  • Experience producing clean, accessible, and standards-compliant front-end solutions with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Familiar with accessibility standards (e.g. WCAG or Section 508)
  • Familiar with responsive web development, progressive enhancement, and mobile-first techniques
  • Are able to work in a fast-paced, mutli-project environment
  • Experience working with child themes, being able to customize themes using actions/filters
  • Creating, overriding and editing custom page templates
  • Working with Git workflow, being able to work in console/terminal with git commands. Good handle over branching, merging, tags, safe commits and merge conflict resolution
  • Site maintenance site backups, restoring, knowledge of wordpress and drupal site structures. Being able to apply updates and upgrades to core and plugins. Ability to debug custom code after updates and apply patches.
  • File system management for eg: ability to create symlinks, FTP/SFTP into server and safely manage code and asset files, create and manage development/staging sites.
  • Experience analyzing GA or other site analytics. Debugging/resolving errors and performance issues on sites based on analytics
  • Experience with caching tools like varnish, new relic
  • SEO, using plugins like Yoast and manipulating robot files
  • Experience with Woocommerce, extensions and customizing pages like cart, checkout, product, catalogs/archives etc.
  • Experience with ACF or similar plugin for wordpress, creating custom template loops and custom post types to manage content
  • Experience working with API calls, JSON, webhooks
  • Experience with MySQL scripts

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Bonus points awarded for developers who…

  • Prefer GIT over SVN
  • Prefer command-line over GUI
  • Use and create RESTful API’s
  • Are familiar with Hypertext Application Language (HAL)
  • Like front-end development as much as back-end development
  • Familiar with modern JavaScript development libraries and frameworks (e.g. jQuery, Backbone, Angular, React, Vue)
  • Have used any of the following package/dependency managers: Composer, Bower, npm, Bundler
  • Have intermediate to advanced Javascript skills
  • Are familiar with SASS/SCSS tools such as Compass, Breakpoint, and Singularity
  • Have experience working with automated testing tools, such as Jenkins


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