Budget:  £4000

Prohibition Partners is one of the leading cannabis consultancies in the world. We provide market intelligence and strategic consultancy to investors, entrepreneurs and regulators who are ready to embrace the opportunity in this emerging frontier.

We are going through a rebrand and we are looking at including some freelance designers. I have attached some details below as to what we need.


Prohibition Partners is going international, we will now be covering Oceania regions, Latin American regions and soon to be truly global.

Prohibition Partners is becoming a more media/content focused company rather than a traditional corporate M&A

Prohibition Partners is expanding its offering. We will now create video content, blogs, social assets, industry reports, podcasts, briefings and presentations.

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The problem

Currently, the brand is very flat and dull. We don’t have an edge

Our offering is too text-heavy with very little visual appeal

The website is boring and not interactive

We need to build a cultural following and express our own company culture

Need to express a brand story

Content and reports need to become more shareable (design is key)


New rebrand: hip, cool, revolutionary, breakthrough, lively, edgy, intriguing, modern, sleek, professional

New templates for reports, videos, social assets and web content

Potentially new colour palettes?

Logo retouch?


Phase 1:

: re-touch the logo

: create logos for a series of our products/content offerings

: design new website (we have developers available if needed)

: re-touch current icons and illustrations

Phase 2:

: create new presentation templates and new report templates

: create new infographics asset templates

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Examples of good branding

  • https://www.thefuturelaboratory.com/
  • https://www.proteinagency.com/
  • http://andstudio.lt/work/opium/
  • http://andstudio.lt/work/smk-university-of-applied-social-sciences/
  • http://www.heredesign.co.uk/project/curiocity/


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