SD Labs is looking for a UI/UX Designer to help build the future of Ecommerce and Retail.

You will be an integral part of a team building a platform that will have tens of millions of users a year, generating well over £500m in revenue (and growing!), in partnership with Google Ventures backed Reaction Commerce.

One of your initial projects will be the ongoing design of our the customer-facing Ecommerce sites: you will not only be designing a single website, but a platform that will be the foundation of 36+ separate Ecommerce sites. Your input and contribution on the tools our employee’s use to manage the sites on a daily basis will also be a key part of the role.

As a UI/UX Designer, your day to day tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Working with Product Owners and other stakeholders to understand product requirements, User Stories, and feature sets
  • Designing net-new features defined by those User Stories and requirements following the typical design cycle: research, prototyping, presentations, etc.
  • Iterating on existing designs as we continuously improve our products
  • Partnering with engineering to establish a smooth design hand-off system and engaging in the feature acceptance stage of the product lifecycle.
  • Taking responsibility for the shipped product, not just your design deliverables
  • Maintaining and extending our design system while working to build reusable solutions

While the Ecommerce platform will be you main focus, SD Labs has several other active projects in the Retail sector and is actively growing – your role is limited only by your ambition and ability to execute at a high level across our product portfolio.


SD Labs offers the best of both worlds – the culture, responsibility, and impact of working in a startup combined with the resources and expertise present in a corporate environment. Our mission is to reinvent the technical systems used to conduct commerce. We do so with a unique blend of partnership, incubation, and investment in the retail technology space.

We foster a collaborative and transparent culture and believe in tailoring roles to individual strengths and weaknesses rather than forcing individuals into predetermined and potentially limiting roles. At SD Labs we embrace the concept of teamwork – individual growth and excellence in the service of achieving exciting and impactful results together. Creating a high performing team that can execute at a high level within the technology space is our first priority – setting that team loose on a market ripe with opportunity – commerce – is our second.

While we are backed by a corporate our culture is most akin to a startup. Expect to work autonomously in a fast-paced environment filled with unknowns. Our team – like our parent company, Sports Direct – is distributed throughout the world and as such embraces a remote-first, asynchronous working culture.


You have a product mindset and design with both UI and UX in mind. For us, having a product mindset means seeing our software from the viewpoint of the user while constantly iterating to make tangible, data-justified improvements. You believe a feature is not simply ‘done’ when it ticks off functionality, but rather understand a product as a living thing that is constantly changing and supporting many different user journeys.

You enjoy thinking in systems and solve problems generally rather than specifically. At SD Labs we believe in working efficiently – part of this mindset is taking time to create reusable frameworks that speed up our execution across different projects. As a SD Labs designer, you will participate in as well as help to define these frameworks.

You are both discerning and open minded. You have experimented with multiple methods of implementation and view different approaches in terms of trade-offs. You have a commitment to high standards, but are flexible to implementation approaches. You don’t believe a single solution or framework is a silver bullet for every problem.

You love to set your own course. You are a self-starter and have the ability to work independently, while also ensuring you work closely with other team members and stakeholders. You are comfortable interfacing with both our Product Owners on product concerns and our engineering team on technical concerns.

You enjoy working with small teams on large projects. We are a small team with big ambitions. We prefer working in small teams and believe in personal ownership of your work in addition to close collaboration with domain experts with the same mindset. As SD Labs grows, you will interact with peers from other teams to set best practices for the entire group.

You love doing things efficiently. We believe in efficiency with a view toward the horizon. Efficiency is not only about shipping code quickly, but in the balance of establishing a strong foundation that allows agility in the future and the present. Automation and process improvement is valued alongside feature development.

You’re adaptable. No job is beneath you. You’ve been in fast growing companies and know how to build, change, and adapt to the needs of a company as it grows. You are comfortable wearing whatever hat is needed of you.


  • A portfolio of design projects demonstrating a wide range of skills: we’re looking for a generalist, not a specialist.
  • You’ve shipped product before, and iterate on shipped solutions using user feedback. Extra consideration given to those who have a strong web application portfolio.
  • You can communicate effectively about your design process and how it interfaces with other members of the software team like product and engineering.


  • You have experience working in Ecommerce or Retail (especially enterprise Ecommerce)
  • You’ve worked in small startups before, and are comfortable with uncertainty
  • You’ve worked remotely before, and understand how to communicate effectively across timezones
  • You have experience with front-end programming, and can write production-ready CSS
  • You’re based in London, or comfortable working remotely with some timezone overlap with London – extra consideration given to those within +/- 5 hours of London


If you work from London, UK the role is full time employment and includes benefits. If you are interested in working remotely the role is contracting on a salaried basis.

  • Competitive Salary
  • We’ll set you up with an Apple laptop and monitor plus any software you need
  • 20 Days Vacation
  • Work with awesome companies around the world


Our head office is in London. Remote work applications are welcome. We have team members in the UK, the US, and Australia.

The travel requirements for this role are light – we are a remote-first team, but we try to get together once a year to make sure everyone gets to meet in-person.


SD Labs—backed by Sports Direct—is centered around solving complex business problems with a team of talented individuals leveraging innovative technologies to reinvent retail. We do this through a series of internal ventures and external investments in some of the best startups in the space. We are seeking like-minded creators, problem-solvers, and doers.

Our Approach

We believe in empowering individuals and believe personal responsibility is a force multiplier like none other. That means we are looking for team members that have grit, desire, and an overall relentless ambition to execute. Our culture is similar to that of a startup, and we are looking for people who prefer and excel in that environment.

Our Positioning

We are positioned at the intersection of corporates—with their deep pockets, existing infrastructure, broad asset base, distribution channels, expansive networks, and preferential terms; and startups—with their free-wheeling, fast-moving, greenfield environments characterized by the freedom to define new rules, challenge the status quo, discover new things, and iterate quickly. We believe this duality gives us the ability to rapidly iterate and deploy new products into a live environment to nail product-market fit before moving on to the broader market.

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