Job Description

What we do

Our mission is to democratise access to state of the art technology for short-term rentals. We want to facilitate a future where hosting short-term rentals is at least as easy as managing long-term rentals.

Today, we do this by helping Airbnb and HomeAway hosts deliver a great and personal guest experience automatically, though native platform integrations, machine-learning and robust software.

Our team

We are a small, but impactful team of 14 people, working all over Europe and North America. Our team is fully remote and distributed. We embrace the fact that your best environment is wherever you – personally – feel the most productive and comfortable for day-to-day work.

We organise frequent meetups and retreats for the team to physically meet throughout the year. The last trips were to Lisbon, Prague, Paris, Tenerife and Brussels.

Our company

Our company is bootstrapped (no third-party investor) and profitable, with a solo founder (@Pierre-Camille Hamana) who built the first version of the product. We are interested in building a great, growing and sound business. We help our customers manage more than 100,000 properties in 120 countries.

How we recruit

Amongst our core values are transparency and humility. To help you in finding out more about Smartbnb, we are releasing an “Applicant Handbook” (on Notion ❀️) that may help you find out more about us, from us:Β bit.ly/ApplicantHandbook

What stage we’re at

– Late 2018: We took on a product designer, a front-end engineer, and begun work on Smartbnb 2.0 – a completely new interface design, which also splits the old monolithic front/back end codebase into distinct projects
– Mid 2019: We launched! A full redesign and rearchitecting of the web app, with clear separation of the new Angular frontend, a (JSON over REST) API layer, and backend workers.
– Now: We’ve stabilised and iterated on v2.0, shipped several new major features (User Management, and a mobile PWA for example)
– There are multiple new and exciting product lines and internal projects on the 2020 roadmap.

We are ambitious and take on big challenges together. πŸš€ Our customers love the product, provide valuable feedback, and trust us to rapidly help them with more of their problems.

Who you are

You are a fantastic human seeking to build something amazing with other fantastic humans!

What you will be working on

– Building new products from scratch.
– Designing and coding the architecture of our frontend stack
– Designing and coding the architecture of our core systems and micro-services.
– Developing code that is a joy to work with.

What you will unlock

– So much personal potential!
– Fantastic user reviews when we give them more of their life back.
– Team kudos. πŸŽ‰

Why you will succeed

– Because you own the technical product and stack.
– Because you solve the right problem, in the right way.
– Because you are heard, and your feedback is acted upon.

How we will grow together

– Personal engineering level-up πŸ„ through daily, compounding improvements.
– Exposure to a product-fanatical team’s iterations of features and the company itself.
– You will receive (and provide!) frequent code reviews and team reviews.
– You will be challenged, and you learn how to rise to the occasion. πŸ’ͺ

What you’ll need to bring with you

If you’re hesitant to apply for this position because you feel that you don’t meet this list of qualifications fully, don’t worry! We want to hear from you.

– Good knowledge of Angular 4+, TypeScript, and HTML5/CSS3.
– Good knowledge of PHP 7+, Laravel, and MySQL.
– A great eye for code quality.
– Caring about the impact your code has on your team.
– Hands-on experience with writing unit and/or integration tests.
– Attention to detail and eagerness for constant improvement.
– Everything else is a lovely bonus that we’re excited to hear about!

What we offer

For us, the company itself is also a product, one that we iterate on. We’re always improving and creating an environment where we all love to work.

– πŸ€— A supportive and caring team environment.
– πŸ’Ž Competitive salary.
– πŸ– Ample – and encouraged – paid leave.
– πŸ‘Ό Maternity and paternity leave.
– πŸ”© All the resources and tools that you need to succeed, including budget for personal development.

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