We’re looking for someone who’s passionate about building awesome tools and applications.

You’re probably a freelancer and have that entrepreneurial bug. Having a 9-to-5, or being “just a number” in a big company isn’t appealing to you. You don’t want to commute, work in a cubicle, or even be tied to working from any particular place. You simply want to be armed with a laptop, make cool stuff, and live an awesome life…

You enjoy solving unique problems and feel most at home when you’re knee-deep in code and Sketch.

You’re obsessive about building things right the first time.

When you’re given a task, you take ownership and find the most effective way to complete it, whether or not it requires a bajillion rounds of trial and error.

If this sounds like you, read on….

Who we are

We’re a small, bootstrapped team of driven product creators who have a passion for making cool (and useful) stuff! For the past 5 years we’ve been helping people grow their businesses by marketing their products/services online. Now, we’re expanding our impact by creating Spiffy (Spiffy.co) and it’s already made quite the splash in the marketing industry with an easy, yet powerful way to take online payments. We believe in rapid iteration and testing with the market rather than blindly building and perfecting features that may just ultimately flop down the road.

Our Stack

All of our front-end code is built on a framework using Bootstrap and Vue/NUXT/Vuex and styled using Sass/SCSS to keep it readable. We use Node/Express for our backends. Our apps are deployed on individual Ubuntu servers hosted by DigitalOcean to allow for rapid scale and easy deployment.

What you’ll be doing

You’ll be working on deploying new features to Spiffy and coming up with creative ways to overcome technical challenges. You’ll be responsible for the full lifecycle of user experience from design, coding, and thinking through ways to make users lives easier – you have the opportunity to own every part and will be playing a critical role in the growth of Spiffy.

–Develop new products and applications

–Prototype new and existing ideas

–Develop early technical and UX concepts

–Research and solve for technical/UX issues

–Build frontend component systems with high reusability

Skills we’re looking for

–4+ years of front-end and Javascript development experience

–Very strong Javascript/Vue skills

–Experience with state management like vuex or redux

–Strong CSS/HTML skills

–Preferably worked as freelancer or independent contractor in the past

–Diverse knowledge and passion for both front-end and design/ux

–Experience working with component based web apps

–Experience building web applications in a team environment, not just websites

–Experience with Vue and/or NUXT is huge bonus points!

All the details

This gig is a remote contractor position and gives you the freedom to make your own hours, work when you want, and where you want. Need to pick your kids up from school? Have to catch a football game? Do it! We’re a results-driven company, as long as you’re adding value and meeting deadlines, you have the freedom to work whenever and from where ever you want it. Ultimately we’re looking for a long-term relationship and someone who can grow as the company grows (both in responsibility and in compensation). To demonstrate that you’ve read this posting, please include the word ‘waffle’ in your response 🙂

Compensation: Based on experience

Location: Anywhere

Up to full-time

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