TIP is a digital agency that creates awesome products consumers and businesses love. These amazing platforms help to transform people’s lives to produce a memorable connection to a product or service that grows over time. We’re geeky, creative, techie as all get out, and inspiring.

For the past 25 years, there has been an exciting demand for what we do. Partly because we only do custom work, partly because we are really good at what we do, and partly because we’re passionate about making the world smarter and friendlier.


This is a remote position, either contract to full-time, freelance, or tell us what you’re interested in. We’re flexible. If you’re interested in playing the role in accelerating user growth, please read on.

A large part of our daily mission is beyond coding…it’s brainpower, thinking of ways to do what we do better, how can we be more efficient, how can we add that extra 1% that makes the difference between delivering a good project and great one.

We are responsible for a customer’s journey from the first time they see a product, through the just-in-time experience. It’s the strategy, research, creativity, functionality, data, and analytics.

The technology that we produce must be perfect, instantly-accessible, and immediately gratifying. We need your new ideas, technical wizardry and persistence to continue to achieve greatness.


  • Custom WordPress theme and plugin development in PHP
  • Writing unique WooCommerce customizations and hooks
  • Writing some object-oriented code, PHP classes
  • Frontend development of new pages (HTML, SCSS, JS)
  • Upgrading plugins including WooCommerce, and outdated template files
  • Maintenance related tasks for existing WordPress sites
  • Committing code to git repository


  • Flexible hours.
  • 100% remote work.

For Fulltime Employees:

  • Awesome salary – we pay great salaries for great people.
  • Full health insurance – we pay 100% of your health insurance.
  • Paid vacations from Day 1 – you get 12 paid days off your first year to clear your mind and stretch your limbs. There’s more after that.
  • Multiple company vacation days – let’s say that we like to take time off as a company throughout the year. Like we close the week of July 4, and from Christmas through New Year’s and several other times during the year, including company-paid holidays.
  • Work-Life balance is tilted in your favor – with all of these days off, who wouldn’t be happy! Plus we keep our work within the normal 40 hours from Monday to Friday.
  • All Mac laptops – hey, we’re creative and techy. We love new technology, new platforms, new tools, and new shiny things.
  • Standing, sitting, perching and lounging workspace – we just bought all new workspace furnishings, gizmos, and tech.
  • Gorgeous modern loft offices – we’re in the Carolina School Supply Building just 2 blocks from BOA Stadium. We’re so close that we can hear Cam Newton scream “Keep Pounding!”.
  • Winning culture – we’re 25 years young and we love to win. We’re quirky, funny, amazing and talented. Our clients love us.
  • Grow into digital transformation – yep, it’s the next big thing and we’re ahead of the pack by a long shot. Learn first-hand as we do. Exciting.
  • Shared job profits – yep, we’re that generous, but we believe that you should share in the job profits if you helped get us there.
  • Supportive and caring team – we hope that you will like working with us as much as we like working with us.
  • Team dining experiences – ok, we like to eat out as a group and the company pays for it.
  • Continued learning – we encourage you to grow your career, so we’ll pay for you to learn new things that we want to do.
  • Mentoring – our senior people know a thing or two about a thing or two. We’ll empower you to move out of your comfort zone so you can grow up to be just like them. Plus, you can teach us a thing or two as well.

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