U.S. Cellular looking for Lead Web Architect ($9–$21.20 an hour)


The Lead Web Architect plays a key leadership role across the enterprise by addressing application and technical architecture challenges. The focus is on quality control and integration practices used to connect disparate systems supporting web and mobile, that form critical software solutions utilized by end users as well as internal consumers. This role will author and enforce architectural standards and practices around the application and system component development within the web and mobile domain. In addition, the Lead Web Architect also serves as the subject matter expert and provides expert knowledge of technical and middleware architecture.

Essential Duties and Key Responsibilities

  • Design and code the architectural and quality control structures within the web and mobile application code base ensuring standards are followed, and advanced and maintained.
  • Define design patterns, provides architectural guidance and support to development teams to enable them to design and develop reusable applications, software web/mobile technologies and capabilities.
  • Design web and mobile applications in a manner that reduces an applications’ “Attack Surface” through system design, layered security and policy/processes.
  • Discover business concerns, use cases and user stories by creating spaces for conversations by proactively engaging and coordination with our main stakeholders within the enterprise.
  • Elicit business and technical requirements that help mold application architecture’s non-functional requirements that are required for a successful solution (ex: security, performance, maintainability, etc.…)
  • Understand and be able to design web and mobile applications in a multi-tiered ecosystem.
  • Utilize Object Oriented Analysis and Design frameworks such as Use Cases and Domain Models
  • Deliver design artifacts using Process (System Sequence and Interaction), Component, and Deployment Diagrams
  • Organize and structure all design around use cases and user stories to ensure the design is well grounded/valid
  • Lead, Plan and Deliver on container security, micro-segmentation and its relationship to remote web browsers
  • Lead, Plan and Deliver on Detection and Response security mechanisms
  • Translate business and technical requirements into web and mobile application work product deliverables
  • Lead, Plan and deliver on development build commitments via Agile practices
  • Provide architectural guidance and support to ensure web and mobile artifacts are designed for performance, scalability, operability and maintainability, and holds teams accountable accordingly.
  • Review business drivers, needs and strategies with Business and Solution Architects to understand implications for Web and Mobile Application architectures.
  • Collaborate with all global vendors to ensure web/mobile application development standards and best practices are enforced, thereby ensuring stability, scalability, transparency and other key factors are optimized for all cross-system solutions.
  • Provide input to the Enterprise Architects and Solution Architects in the development of project initiation documents, including the definition of objectives, scope, approach, and deliverables.
  • Lead and/or assist in the evaluation and implementation of new technology initiatives.
  • Identify software components the application will use for implementation and provide instruction on how to appropriately implement application components using the respective hardware and software. Work in close collaboration with the Infrastructure Architect(s) to ensure hardware/software compatibility and cohesiveness.
  • Identify and communicate risks (business, application, technical) associated with component or application implementation.
  • Proactively identify and capitalize upon opportunities to share / re-use existing components where possible.


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or related degree is required.
  • 10+ years of relevant experience in systems and application architecture, design and development, to include 3+ years of experience working as a Web or Mobile Application Architect.
  • 7+ years of development experience (including 2+ years in an application development lead role), working in a Unix environment, developing software using integration technologies (including ESB, Java, XML, SOAP, REST and SQL) and the Oracle database.
  • Knowledge of architecture methodologies, standards, best practices, patterns, technologies, and tools.
  • Proven ability to design and build complex systems for global enterprises which scale and operate reliably, efficiently and with high performance.
  • In-depth knowledge of emerging technologies, systems integration, and mobile and web technologies, including ESBs, API Managers, Application Servers, Web Servers, Databases, etc.
  • Be able to mentor other Architects, and to coach/mentor other team members to facilitate their professional development.
  • Experience working on parallel product releases, with multiple global QA and development teams.
  • Strong organizational skills including good time management, prioritizing tasks, estimating activities, and meeting deadlines. Must effectively prioritize own work, and the work of the team.
  • Design, Build, Test and Implement the following Web and Mobile Application Development Technologies:
  • MEAN stack: Mongo, Express, Angular, Node.js JavaScript technologies
  • JEE Technologies such as JBOSS X, WebLogic, Tomcat and Spring Enterprise
  • POJO Java Technologies such as Spring (Core, Security, Integration, AOP, MVC and Spring Boot).
  • .Net C# Web Technology Stack
  • JavaScript technologies such as Phabricator, Mocha, Karma, Sinon.js, JS Hint, Plato
  • SCM technologies such as: Git, GitHub, Bit Bucket, Subversion, IBM Clearcase
  • Build Technologies: Maven 2.x, 3.x, Jenkins, Ant
  • Design, Built, Test and Implement the following Security Technologies:
  • Authentication: OAuth 1, 2 | SAML 1, 2 | Liberty | Kerberous | Two Factor AuthN | HTTP Headers
  • Role Base Access Control within Java and JavaScript technologies
  • Audit: Log4j, Splunk
  • Encryption: TLS 1.1, 2 | SSL 3 (HTTPS)| Asymmetrical vs Symmetrical | AES256, Triple DES | PGP | SSH | SCP
  • Foundation Architecture Knowledge such as Architectural and Code Design Patterns.
  • Technical Design through Software Process, Component and Deployment Diagrams
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Self-motivated, able to work independently, and with a strong desire to learn and share information with others.
  • Effective at building good working relationships with business partners and project team members in a matrix organization.
  • Strong attention to detail, analysis and problem solving skills.
  • Experience in the Telecommunications industry is preferred.

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