I have a website that I am looking to recreate the functionality of using the same, if not, similar plug-ins.


I am more a front-end guy so I can handle the actual design aspect, just struggling to make these plugins all work to the result that I need!

I want to design the site so when they click on each song, it drops down like it does on the above site.

Then if you aren’t logged in, when you click download it makes you log in, but if you ARE logged in if you click download it makes you leave a star rating before you can download.

I know they are using WP PostRatings and S2 Member for the member functionality, as well as some other plugins they are using, but I believe they may have done some customizations to the plug-in in order to get their specific setup.

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I basically need the functionalities on that website replicated to a T when it comes to however they are adding songs, putting in details like genre, Artist, BPM, the rating/feedback and the Ajax display functionality of each post, as well as limiting to 2 downloads per song.

I’m not sure what plugins they’re using to manage the downloads but thought that may be S2Member since they do have file download restrictions.

  • PHP
  • WordPress Development
  • Javascript

Availability: Fixed price
Languages: English

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