Job Description

Are you a designer who loves front-end development? Are you a front-end developer with design chops? Kinda sorta both?

Us too – let’s work together!

Silky soft-skills ❤️

  • You’re Experienced: You have worked on consumer-facing applications serving thousands of users, and for long enough to have encountered successes and failures
  • You’re Really Good: Your are obsessed with execution – your UX work is straight-forward and your UI implementation is 🔥
  • You’re Organized: You’d rather work within a system than in the wilderness – maybe you’ve even helped build a design system or two
  • You’re Professional: You can take a roughly scoped project and, leading one or two back-end developers, can execute
  • You’re Wise: You have experience incorporating feedback and data into your work – you even feel a little lost without those things
  • You’re Adaptable: You can responsibly adjust course or cut scope if new information exposes road-blocks in your way
  • You’re Empathetic: You fight for the user and have war stories to tell – let’s hear some! 🍿

Cold hard-skills  🧠

We are looking for an expert visual UI designer + front-end developer. Your strengths in interaction design, copywriting, experimentation, and user research will also be weighed.

UI Design

  • Able to create production-ready visual design from scratch
  • Able to articulate reasons for design decisions
  • Can work effectively across web and mobile (with an understanding of basic platform conventions)
  • Experience working daily in applications like Sketch, Figma, Principle, and the like
  • Has created or contributed to a style guide for a complex website
  • ✨Bonus: Experience making animations with After Effects, Lottie, etc.
  • ✨Bonus: Has contributed color palettes, iconography, and/or typography to a design system

UI Development

  • Can discern when new or innovative elements are necessary or ideal and can design and style them effectively.
  • Experience working with version control (we use Git)
  • Can work happily outside of frameworks like React or Bootstrap
  • ✨Bonus: Has contributed UI components and/or patterns to a design system.
  • ✨Bonus: Has worked on a rails project before
  • Bonus: Experience writing presentational JS
  • 🤯Bonus: Experience with iOS and/or Android development WAT U R A UNICORN 🦄

UX Design

  • Able to envision and illustrate complex user flows at a system or ecosystem level
  • Understanding of basic psychological principles that impact a user’s experience with our products
  • Ability to effectively prioritize an MVP based on the user’s needs, technical constraints, and business goals

Everyone is mission-critical. Half of us work remotely and the other half work from our office in Kansas City, so we keep in touch every day over google hangouts, slack, and a host of other apps. The whole crew comes KC for a week of face time 2 – 3 times per year.

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