Ultimate Lead Generation Guide

Ultimate Lead Generation Guide: Lead Generation Concepts (Strategies)

Ultimate Lead Generation Guide

I contacted a few marketing persons, freelancers, remote workers, and small business owners about their lead generation process and how its working and asked them about their lead generation strategies.

I almost received the same answer.

“Lead generation process is not simple; we should have more patience and its a long process.”

I understand Leads Generation process is different for each business industry. But from my concepts will work for all the sectors.

According to Remote Working Stats, 82% said it helped lower their stress levels and 82% said it helped lower their stress levels. Now multinational companies also offering remote and flexible working offers.

Ok, I don’t stretch this more 🙂 and going to the strategies.

Below are few lead generation concepts:

  1. LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy
  2. Twitter Lead Generation Strategy
  3. Facebook lead generation
  4. Lead Generation from Trade Shows

1. LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy:

LinkedIn is the ultimate source for Lead generation. Because it’s a professional network and most of the businesses will participate in this network.

How to find Leads/Clients from LinkedIn?

Just go to the search bar and search with your service. I am searching for “Remote Web Developer”. Simply click on See all results for Remote Web Developer.

Lead Generation Strategy From LinkedIn Search

Here you will find number of filter options. Just click on content filter.

Lead Generation Strategy From LinkedIn Content

Here we can see the list of posts published that contains the word Remote Web Developer. Now from sort the results as recent one on top.

Lead Generation Strategy From LinkedIn Results

Thats it, here you can find some hot requirements published. Try to contact them as soon as possible by commenting or sending add connection request.

If you have an excellent standout LinkedIn profile, they will accept your connection request and high chances to hire you.

Repeat this process and changing different search terms. Below are few search terms for your reference.

“Remote Web Designer”

“Remote Web Developer”

“Remote PHP Developer”

“Remote WordPress Developer”

“Remote SEO Expert”

“Remote SEO Professional”

“Remote Data Entry”

Save all the final urls generated for all of your search terms and bookmark each url with some shortcut name (Example: For Remote Web Designer, I bookmarked as RWD). So, next time you no need to search, click on your bookmarked urls and access the requirements.


2. Twitter Lead Generation Strategy:

We can use Twitter also for lead generation process. Because some companies or people will share requirement in twitter. In Twitter we can access the leads easily by using hashtags and keywords.

Here i will explain how to generate leads from Twitter.

Login to your twitter account and then search with any keyword that matches with your industry requirements.

I am searching with remote php developer keyword.

 Twitter Lead Generation Search

And then from the filters select Latest, this will display all the tweets containing the word remote php developer.

From the tweets check the tweets published with in 24 hours. These will work, if you can approach them with best proposal and cover letter.

You can use below search terms:

“Remote Web Designer”

“Remote Web Developer”

“Remote PHP Developer”

“Remote WordPress Developer”

“Remote SEO Expert”

“Remote SEO Professional”

“Remote Data Entry”

3. Facebook Lead Generation Strategy:

Here we need to understand one thing. If you want to generate web design leads, WordPress development leads, seo leads, data entry leads or something you are looking to work remotely or as a freelancer, go and join in communities. As we know Facebook is one of the biggest online community with the audience around the world.

How to Get Leads From Facebook:

James Rose published an excellent article in Content Snare. Check and join in these Facebook Groups and also check for other Facebook groups to communicate the people those who are looking for some requirements related to web design or development.

Always be out of the box and reach the clients those who need web design or development requirement.

List out all the requirements and check their profile and in which groups they joined. You also try to join those groups and let them know that you are the perfect fit for that requirement. Here you need to share your knowledge and participate in the knowledge sharing discussions and also publish a few posts related to how the web is evolving and how we need up to date our website with the market trend. Share your few works and ask for feedback. Share your clients’ testimonials and etc.

4. Lead Generation from Trade Shows:

Lead generation from trade shows, its really interesting and more chances to good conversions.

Is this really works?

Absolutely Yes.
Because they are intended to promote their services and reach more customers by exhibiting in trade shows.


There are more popular event hosting sites worldwide. I will show how to generate leads from 10Times.com.

Click on trade shows link as shown below.

Lead Generation From Trade Shows Process 1

In next step filter the locations. If you want to generate leads from US market, select United States as country. Here you can filter by city also.

Lead Generation From Trade Shows Process 2


And then use dates filter. Here we need to understand one thing, while using dates files better keep at least 30 days gap from the date you searching.  Because, it needs 2-3 weeks to design or develop a website or some other functionality.

After that search each and every trade show that contains exhibitors data.

Lead Generation From Trade Shows Process 3


From that exhibitors list visit each and every website and filter the websites with lack of quality and with old school designs.

Try calling them or send an email to convince them to redesign their website or develop new website.


There are few and many more to add, i will keep adding new strategies.

Lead Generation Guide